The healing room is a piece that blurs the lines of performance and where elements of ritual and transformation are explore. During the performance different objects and materials are used, such as, eggs, lemons, honey, water, candles, plants and small musical instruments. Creating intimate and at times intense atmospheres that support the action or ritual. In The healing room the viewer is involved as an active participant in the creation of the experience. When the person enters the room, s/he is ask to reflect upon what s/he needs to transmute in her/his life. What is it s/he needs to transform, modify, dismiss, attract or enhance in her/his life. For example, love, money, friendship, health, etc. Afterwards, together performer and viewer, execute a series of actions using the objects, instruments and materials, embodying the desire of change and the attraction for the new. Thus, desire, intention, expectation and imagination of both performer and viewer permeate the performance space creating a symbolical space in different atmospheres.

The piece was done in collaboration with Ixchel Mendoza Hernández in 2011 as part of Nuit Blanche in Amsterdam and the exhibition WOW WOW WOW at Atelier-hof Kreuzberg in Berlin, both curated by Eddie the Eagle Museum.