Self-portrait: Action kit for pendulum consists of a set of questions, actions and movement constellations in combinations with different materials such as: milk, water, bee wax, cotton shits, newspaper cuts, family pictures, wood, chalk, city maps... During the performance I address a series of questions around the idea of identity while parallel performing actions that are dependent on the answers the pendulum gives.  In the performance, every constellation is an attempt to reveal a moveable self-portrait that forms and connects relations between the elements involved. The self-portrait appears and dissolves by the spectrum of options and mediums that at times make sense and at others contradict each other. The result is an intimate performance where the pendulum is the instrument through which the piece assembles, revealing a vulnerability and transparency in its construction.

Performed at: Hipocampo - performance + video art - La Felpa and  24h Lab-LP Festival, Barcelon, Es.

Publication: OFF THE RECORD. Representacions fronteres de la memòria històrica de les dones.  Calafell, M., Saéz B., Segura I. Ed. UOC, Barcelona, Es. (2011) ISBN 978-84-938802-8-6