Máquina de Huesos (Before: A Lupita con todo mi amor) centers possible relations between body and thought, space, one's own perception and the gaze of the other. Movement is seen as potentiality, the moment when it is created, being at the same time emotion and concept. The piece explores notions of absence, invisibility and emptiness, offering to the viewer before all an invitation to perceive the lack of, what it is not obviously stated. From a series of images, or virtualities, the piece invites for reflection, an immersion into the complexity of the unexpected.

Scenes: Melissa por Melissa, Desierto, La Bala
, Máquina de Huesos.

Concept, choreography and interpretation: Melissa Cisneros
Audiovisual design and sound: Emilio Espinosa
Music: "Delta Block" Andy More and Colin McLean

Production: Consell Nacional de la Cultura i les Arts (CoNCA), Beca per recerca y creaciò y Residencia Artística para Creadores de Iberoamérica y Haití en México 2009, CONACULTA, FONCA, AECID, SRE.

Performances: Temporada de Solos, Teatro de la Danza, Centro Cultural del Bosque, Mexico City (2012); 4to. Encuentro Internacional de Danza México-Corea del Sur, Teatro Danza UNAM (2011); Centro Cultural de España en México and Music-Dance Program, OT301, Amsterdam (2010); Segunda Muestra de Arte Iberoaméricano en México (2009).

   Photography: Colectivo Fresco