The idiot is a murderer of signs, André Glucksmann

Las Idiotas (On-The-Go) + Guests
can be seen as an artistic event, a poem or a song, a dance, a TV program, a cake, a moment in your life, a connection in between people, something indefinite, a risky space, a participatory experience.

Interdisciplinary performance investigation that explores different possibilities of collaboration and artistic formats (dance, video, music, etc.) starting from the questions What moves you? / What moves us?. The question is both an epistemic and ontological reflection emanating as a way to give back meaning to our everyday. Chance and chaos are essential elements in the performance, providing a surprising spectrum of variants and possibilities.

Concept: Melissa Cisneros
Direction and interpretation: Maria Mavridou, Marta Sponzilli and Melissa Cisneros
Costume and Scenography: Hermanas Medalla
Production: La Mecedora
Co-production: Tepito Productions


Micro-tour Europe /
Playing as Idiotas: Maria Mavirdou (GR/NL) and Melissa Cisneros (MX)
Las Idiotas (On-The-Go) + Guests, vol.6 "Barcelona", Guest artists: Amaranta Velarde and Diana Gadish, Antic Teatre, Barcelona, (Nov. 2013);
Las Idiotas (On-The-Go) + Guests, vol.5 "Amsterdam", Guest artists: Alfredo Genovesi and Gerri Jäger, Light design: Emese Csornai and Petyr Veenstra, Muidepoorttheater (Nov. 2013) and OT301 (Oct. 2013); Las Idiotas (On-The-Go) + Guests, vol.4 "Milano", Guest artist: Eliza Ferrari, Light design: Violeta Arista, PIM Off Spazio Scenico, Milan (Oct. 2013).

México /
Playing as Idiotas: Marta Sponzilli (IT) and Melissa Cisneros (MX)
Las Idiotas (On-The-Go) + Guests, vol.3 "NO VOLUMEN",
Guest artists: Sexy Mapping (Alejandro Medina and Iván García), Centro de Artes y Nuevas Tecnologías (CANTE), SLP, (June 2013); Las Idiotas (On-The-Go) + Guests, vol.2, Guest artist: Jésica Elizondo, Bani Khoshnoudi, Caterina Pecchioli and Teresa María Díaz Neiro, Salón de danza UNAM, Mexico City (Nov. 2012);

Las Idiotas (On-The-Go) + Guests, vol.1, Guest artist: Tania Solomonoff, Ivan Ontiverios and Hunab ku Mata Caro, Foro Experimental Black Box, CENART, Mexico City (July 2012).


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