The body as a mold that produces images and contains experiences. A dance that suggests meanings who at the end are assigned by the viewer.  A performer observing the movement mechanics she produces. An anti-climax.

Image Be What See This How To Know is a solo dance piece consisting of five movements that repeat and are extended in a 10 minute duration. Together with a small video projection of random edited images and sounds recorded from a small synthesizer the performance operates under the idea of repetition and non-development.
Repetition, not as a mechanical action but as strategy to observe in detail a movement that can never be the same once performed for a number of times, and non-development as a way to find other constructions that do not necessarily imply beginning, climax and end but that have the potential to exist endlessly. With these principles, the elements are constructed by the performer using the same approach as the choreography. An idea represented thorugh three mediums.

Concept, direction, interpretation, sound and video: Melissa Cisneros
Presented at the School for New Dance Development (2001)