Dos Lados is a project by Verónica Santiago Moniello and
Melissa Cisneros that begins in 2016 between Tijuana and San Diego.

We were attracted to collaborate when we discover that we lived on both sides of the border.
What is it that has made us cross from one side to the other? the intuition and the desire to question the presence of the border. To activate it through the possibility of generating a collective space in coexistence with the capacity and the potential to respond to the experience from a creative side and manifestation.
We have been sensitive to the magnetism that borders produce, but much more to what it represents at this moment.
Knowing ourselves so close but at the same time each one of us in a different side, has led us to want to recognize the border as a fringe or point in strategic tension, which we could activate from any artistic manifestation but above all from dance.
Starting from the idea of ​​expanding and reorganizing the territory, we plan to play, fold, cut, redirect, reorganize and shorten the geography to generate scores in which we can feel the ability to self-manage its limits.

Dos Lados first meeting was in March 2017 at the MFA in Contemporary Dance Making and Performance (UCSD) and Centro Cultural de la Raza, organized by Veronica Santiago Moniello. In July of the same year, Melissa coordinated the second meeting at Centro de las Artes in Rosarito. Currently we are planing the third encounter.

Espejo de las Apariencias
Exhibition and performance series on perception and identity

How sure are we that we exist? Do we have to confirm this beyond our senses? Our experiences and perceptions? When we look in the mirror, who is looking back and what is seen? What is it that we are experiencing, there is no one looking back?

Espejo de las Apariencias is a multidisciplinary exhibition proposal where different disciplines/techniques related to the Visual and Performing Arts converge in the same space. It is a project of Rob List (USA-Holland) in collaboration with Melissa Cisneros (Tijuana, Mexico) coordinated under the Nomad Platform of Living Arts, La Mecedora.

April, 2018
CAGE - a collaboration between Katie Duck & Melissa Cisneros

CAGE investigates how the mind is held back by a social inability to release emotions. Emotions are key to intellectual wisdom in how we can accept and respond day to day to the variable of expressions in human nature. Change can happen if we are prepared to allow for emotions to be placed as paramount in intellectual discourse.

Aparecer - a collaboration between Marina Quesada (Ar), Ng Chor Guan (My) and Melissa Cisneros (Mx).

3 ways to disappear
3 scenes of disappearance / where someone has disappeared
3 ways to appear

Geda Store - AltoFest, Naples (It)
August 2015
f l o t a

The starting point of  f l o t a  is a game that is established between gravity, weight, fall and the perception of space and time.

Direction / Idea / Performance Bárbara Foulkes 

Co-direction first phase Melissa Cisneros / Co-direction second phase Juan Francisco Maldonado / Sound: Ricardo Cortés, Emilio Espinosa, Benito González, Cristian Hidalgo

Free The Dance "SAD CIRCUS"

Music by Dominik Strycharski, Dance by Melissa Cisneros, Malgorzata Haduch, Maria Mavridou. Video by Filip Molski Recorded on 7th November 2012 at Alchemia in Krakow. Collaboration between La Mecedora MEXICO and Free The Dance, a series of improvised performances with participation of great musicians and dancers. Idea and concept by Malgorzata Haduch