Objects, entities, ideas and subjects coordinate and interact to give rise to the perceived event or phenomenon, from the need to irremediable contingency or chance.

Analogies: (micro)actions and changing bodies is the working title for a rhizomatic investigation that uses different elements like objects, sounds from the environment, images, etc. to address a principle of transformation, creating relationships or similarities between these, the body, a possible piece and the viewer.
Based on an immediate ordering of the surrounding the work takes place in a space where physical, spacial and temporal transformation of the elements involved, the body and the viewer itself, are challenged through duration and the consistency of the elements (weight, shape, surface, etc.).

This project is developed as part of Procesos (sobre) Expuestos, Solos Acompañados, 3 solos in co-creation with Ana Paula Camargo and Anaïs Bouts, curated by La Mecedora.

Concept-direction: Melissa Cisneros
Sound: ambient and floor microphones
Production: La Mecedora, Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, Programa Jóvenes Creadores 2012-2013, PADID 2013-2014

Presentations: Encuentro Jóvenes Creadores, Veracruz, Mx. (Nov. 2013). Collaborator: Mayra Tång; Conferencia performática, Procesos (sobre) Expuestos. Solos Acompañados, curated by La Mecedora, Centro Cultural de España en México (Oct., 2013). Collaborators: Ana Paula Camargo and Anaïs Bouts; Primicia - work-in-progress, Procesos (sobre) Expuestos. Solos Acompañados, La Mecedora, LAB13, Mexico City, (June, 2013). Artistic collaborators: Ana Paula Camargo and Anais Bouts

Publication: Procesos (sobre) Expuestos. Solos Acompañados: An Instruction Manual, Publication made for the presentation at Centro Cultural de España, Mexico City, Oct. 2013